Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lesson 12: New start with a pair of shorts

This is my material 
Today's lesson I found a piece of material which personally I thought would look good as a pair of shorts. That is what I have been working on. The movie clueless inspired me to go with this theme, although its not particularly similar, there were some components that I quite liked.

From this I looked the plaid material, but mainly the skirt/ skort, because I had already done a skirt I wanted to try something different, shorts. Shorts which had this style, but buttons replacing safety pins. 

I looked for other partly formal shorts and what I saw also inspired me even more. I then thought of make my pair of shorts high waisted.

I really liked the one on the far left.
Before actually starting with the shorts, I made a prototype/ template so when I get to my actually material all the measurements are right and I won't have to make drastic alterations. 

Firstly I got a medium sized template for normal shorts and using the tailor's chalk I  drew out the template.

When I was drawing the templates out I increased the size at the top by 6 inches as  I wanted it to be high waisted.

After drawing out the template I cut them out.

I cut out four pieces, two back and two front

I pinned a back with a front, the longest side with the shortest. I had to unpick one side because both were for the left leg.

The stitch length had to be 4 so once I figure out the right measurements and  everything else I can unpick the material and use that as my new template.

I stitched the longest side

Stitched the shorted side

After doing that for both legs, I had to press the seam of the short side so it was flat. I put one leg  right side inside a wrong-sided leg. So this gives you the right sides both facing in and wrong side out. You can check if you have done it right by taking one and making turning it inside out or the other way. After that was done I pinned the two curved sides together and then stitched it.

Firstly because I wanted that folding in style I had to cut out another front short panel and unpick one side of the shorts and stitched the new front short panel in. (The new front panel was 5 inches shorter because when i tried it on it was too long) With the old front panel I folded it to where I wanted my buttons on the shorts. Pinned it so the fold was together with the new front panel. 

Everything stitched, and after figuring out the measurements and how everything was going to work,  I had to unpick.

I drew 4 panels and an extra panel which was the new front panel. Near the end of the lesson I was able to finish cutting all my panels out. 

I felt like in this lesson I used my time efficiently, although there were times were I felt I could work much quicker. 

Sketches of short designs

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