Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lesson 10 + Lesson 11: Continuation

In today's lesson I was back with stitching the denim squares. The most frustrating thing was that the denim squares would keep falling off. Comparatively I was stitching must more quicker this lesson than last. Once I finished stitching the denim squares I started stitching my zipper.

Stitching on the squares
I had some problems while stitching on the zip because sometimes it would stitch whereas sometimes it wouldn't, which caused it look really messy.

Along with the zipper I also put an elastic on the top of my skirt so it fits. I pinned the lasting top the skirt and zig zag stitched on the top and bottom.

After finishing with the zip and elastic I put on a hook because the fabric was really heavy which meant that the zip would be able to hold the weight so the hook ensures that everything stays.

I was really happy that I made this skirt and finished it with it looking decent. 

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