Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lesson 9: Stitching on the squares

The whole of todays lesson was dedicated to stitching on the squares and I can say that I am not the best at this. As you have to continuously do the same thing but also because I have a lot of fabric it was hard to turn around. In stitching the squares I needed stitch near to edge. When there is a turn I have to place the presser foot up and pivot my fabric so the needle is stetting in front. For the colour I had in mind a bright colour that would match the theme. So I went with a dark bright royal blue. I am quite happy with that. I also went with a double stitch because single is not bold enough and I'd like for it to stand out. For the double stitch it goes forward and backwards so it constantly moves in all directions which gets quite frustrating to control, well you basically do not need to control the fabric. You could do it with your hands int the air.

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