Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lesson 8:

 Before working on arranging the squares I firstly worked out my skirt. Specially the waist. I cut out a whole in middle, the start of my skirt till it falls down on my waist. I had to mathematically figure out the radius of my waist and mark a circle on my fabric. Once I did that, I needed to overlock the edges and also on the side work out how I am going to place my zip. For that I took a measurement from my waist to my hips therefore I could completely guarantee that it will fit me. After taking that measurement everything below that length on my side I stitched up. Now I only have to put in a zip.

This is the cut out - waist.
This is showing how much I need to stitch and how much space I need to leave for the zipper. From the top to the pin is where the zip will be .

Overlocked edges and the section below zipper stitched up.

Ironed the top so I can pin it on the zip sides.

Pining on the zip, but then I forgot about the squares. So I need ed to do the squares and then zip.

In today;'s lesson my main aim was to finish arranging all the frayed squares so I could start stitching them onto the fabric. I placed them onto my skirt. I wanted to go with a line arrangement, so when the skirt moves it seems like its the squares are twirling or mainly just gives off a interesting effect.

I started off placing the squares where the fabric turned inside 

Ms Tait showed us how to stitch a zip on. [  Front ]


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