Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Lesson 7: Denim Squares

Today's lesson I brought in a pair of denim jeans that I cut up into squares.
Overlocked edges and the white line on the edge of the fabric is the end of my zip. The folded bit in the end is the stitched section.
In the start I had to figure out how big I wanted my squares to be. I was contemplating on whether it should be 2 inches or 3 but as my skirt is going to be really big I stuck with 3. I cut out a section and measured three inches. I used that as a template so I just cut out the other sections using the first cut out. I cut out four sections and some in the pocket. After cutting out the sections I needed to cut out the actually squares. For that I stacked all of them and using the chalk lines in the template I cut them out.
I cut up my jeans so it was one long flat denim material. I did that to fully use use the pair of jeans.

I used a chalk to mark the squares. Before starting  to mark with the tailors chalk I had to figure out how big I wanted my squares. I went for the 3 by 3.

While taking apart my jeans and cutting them up I found  this long strip which seemed really interesting. I am planning to incorporate this somehow in my skirt or if I get onto doing a top.

Instead of cutting each and every square I thought of using my first marked piece as a stencil. To be more efficient.  

These are all the squares all cute out and ready to be frayed.


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  2. Dharesha do you have any pictures to show the fraying that you did on each square?