Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lesson 6

We are going to be designing and making our own outfit for this elements event. We will be wearing what we make and serving Hors d'eoure on the day.

We started of designing our outfits. In the beginning I fond it quite difficult finding inspiration, because we could do anything we want it made it hard for me to decide what I'd like to do. Our outfit had to include at least one element of up cycling. 

In the end after looking at a picture of a modern styled 1950's circular skirt on the W-Magazine webpage.
The far right.
I stated looking for a template for this styled skirt and this is what I found:
This is the black material I am going to use for the base of my skirt. 

I ironed my material and folded it. After taking a note of how long I wanted my skirt I had draw a curve so every single point is approximately the same as the length I want it to be plus 3 cm for seam. So first I took the measuring tape and drew dots so later on I could simply join the dotes.

I folded it so I get two of those ^
After using the tailors chalk to draw on the curve I used the  Fabric shears to cut along the line.

Finished with the cutting.

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  1. Well documented and I like the retro feel of the 50's skirt with a twist.