Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Lesson 5: Designing

Todays lesson we were designing different outfits. We had make three outfits in total, this included to samples of the cloth that we intended to use. I really enjoyed this because I could design anything without worrying about how will I make this. Generally the process was very fun. Firstly I used a template of a body figure and traced it onto a separate plain sheet of paper where I actually drew on the outfit. The first one is inspired by a magazine I was flipping through. It was based on the  bohemian  theme. I really like this style as it isn't based on fittings so its nice and loose. The second one is a long dress coloured red. This because red gives a very fierce look and as it is a long dress it makes it a little bit more elegant. It also has partly indian clothing structure. The third one I wanted it to be quite extravagant.

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  1. I would love to see some more detail drawn on your sketches to identify clearly where you see these embellishments and details being added. I love the feel of your "collection"