Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What I want to achieve from this?

Currently fast fashion is taking over, the consequences of this type is that as new trends come up therefore there is mass productions of a style. After that trend is over all the clothes go to waste. Thats why we need to switch to sustainable fashion. Another pro about this is that every outfit would be original because you take old waste material and convert it into something totally different. In up cycling fashion its not about creating the same clothes its more about being creative and different with every piece you make. This is what I want to get out of this course. To think even more creative take something that is fit for the dump and create into something that is amazing. I know that that takes a lot of time but at least I am hoping that this element course can help me think differently on this basic need.

One of my main inspiration was an episode of Project runway, where they took old, considerably ugly suits and turned them into high fashion. This really inspired me to up-cycle and hopefully I can achieve this along with some sewing techniques.

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