Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Lesson 4: Garment double-upcycled

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This week I basically continued my work on my garment number one.
When I saw my work from last week, I thought to myself how can someone where this and whether it was functional. After asking myself these questions I wanted to up cycle the up cycled. With the help of Shyla we turned this shirt a strapless top.
We started of figuring out how we wanted it to look, but then we needed to make much more neater  so that it is easier to work with and sew it without messing up.
This is the final finish. (front)

Problems Encountered:
The major problem I came across was because last week I made a dart to fit the mannequin by the side torso; underneath the arm. In creating that dart the material was cut therefore I need to make sure you couldn't see that and fix that.

Process of stitching:
After heating up the outfit, I hand-stitched the parts where I pinned the fabric. After hand sewing the pinned sections. Using the sewing machine I sewed the top and on top of the hand stitched.

I think personally I changed my garment quite frequently to point so that i was satisfied, and happy with the clothing. Therefore it partly looked nice and it was functional. Overall I don't think this is the best but the process has taught me different styles, darting.

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