Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Lesson 2

Today's lesson was mainly dedicated in learning the different styles of finishing seams. We also focused on methods of joining seams. In the first period Ms. Tait showed us how to do all the styles.

Joining Seams;
In joining seams you have to stitch the sides of both of fabrics leaving at least 1 cm seam. Then you separate the seam so its flat and you press that. Afterwards you move on to finishing seams.
There are five styles we learnt today:
overlock, pinking edge, turn over, binding bias, zig zag

For over locking you just use the machine like sewing machine. The foot peg as a line near the blade, it tells where it starts cutting the fabric. One thing to note is that once you finished overlocking is that you always have to leave a tail or else you have to re thread the machine. Another thing about overlocks is that you have to be careful that you don't overlock the fabric underneath the edge or else it will leave a cut mark.

Pinking edge:
For this using the pinking shears you cut the two flaps together. After you have done that you can press so its flat.

Turn over:
For this you basically take one of your flaps and fold towards the outside, then secure that by stitching it. You do that with both flaps and once your done you press it.

Binding Bias:
In binding bias you need to take bias tape same length as you seam length. You take the bias and fold into half so it is on both sides of the flap. Basically the bias sandwiches the seam flap. After do that just stitch it.

In the demonstration, Ms Tait showed us how to make a bias.
First you take the cloth and fold it 45 degrees. On the fold you measure out your size and use a tailoring chalk to draw it out. You cut it out and use the bias tape maker and press it so it stays in place.

Zig Zag:
This particular style is done by the sewing machine, so if you don't have an overlock its okay. In this you have to change the sewing machine setting 3 from 1. and you just stitch the flap. The you cut some extra fabric on the outside.

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