Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lesson 3 : Garment number one

This is how the Men's shirt looked before.

I tried different ways to come up with something unusual,  unexpected from a shirt.

This and the picture above I was experimenting ways I could use the sleeves, mainly the cuffs.

After I played with the shirt I got this.

I really liked how it was aligning v's. I wanted to try align the fabric design so you could see a v from the blu stripe.
The back was showing, therefore I thought of using another shirt, which was this. I wasn't quite sure whether this would work as the colours didn't completely match. 
When I worked with the extra shirt, the buttons of one side and the holes for the buttons on the other side. I thought it would be nice to work with that.

This was the final- ish look with the extra fabric. Personally this didn't appeal to me. It looked like a peacock, and mainly the patterns clashed.
I was looking at the button holes and I thought of opening the bit that folded inside. I continued to do that to the rest of them 
This is all the button hole being opened up. I liked that quite a lot.
Update on how is looks.
I took out the v's because it looked very crowded and I wanted to see how it would look if it was loose. In this the circular fall is one of the main features I liked.

Basically this is the back. Most of them I could just use the buttons. As you can see the back is quite  open. I later on thought of this being something that you would just pop on top of a shirt or simple dress. It could be a top and you pop on some pants.
This is the back. The back is the one thing that is least appealing.
Another update. Once I got the shirt on, I got really scared in actually stitching it.

Back to the V's

Later on Ms. Tait taught us ways to make the cloth fit. Like near the bust area. This is pin tucks. We have a lot of them in indian clothing's. This helps if you have a lot of cloth left.
This is a dart. Fitting for bust.

There is also citing for skirt.

After learning about the pin tucks, I tired to apply it on my shirt as it was quite loose so could tighten it up a little bit.
With the pin tucks. On the side I wanted a bit more fitting so I tired the darts.

In making this I wanted to try and minimise the cuts of the fabric and try and adjust and make an outfit through twisting and turning the fabric so it all came together.
This it part of the dart.

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  1. I really like this garment and you have documented your process really well. I would really like to see a photo of you wearing this and having it styled up to complete the look.